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Total Facility Management – Costs & Benefits

Normally we self – deliver greater than 70% of the facility management services. This means we can typically expect to reduce facilities annual operating cost by between 10% and 30%.

This is because we are able to aggregate your total facility spend, leverage purchasing power and optimise the service model to generate targeted savings & cost avoidance measures.

Actual savings achieved and cost avoidance delivered depends on the scale and maturity of the existing service model, however, with a focus on people, systems, technology and finance, we are always confident of increased productivity and efficiency

Clients Benefit Measurement & Tracking

The savings & cost avoidance benefits are targeted at contract set-up stage and are then tracked, measured, analysed and reported on in our exclusive CAFM System using the latest in smart technology.

Clients receive all CAFM technology modules that are relevant to their business and receive full training.

Our objective is to build really strong client relationships. The focus is on developing a business partnership designed to deliver mutual business benefits, while at all times, meeting and exceeding the facilities service level agreements and ensuring we deliver what we promise.

Vision & Mission Statement

Mission Statement.

Inspired by a constant focus on excellence in thoughts, words and actions that are driven by values, culture and compliance.


A winning network of staff and suppliers delivering measurable, incremental and sustainable value to clients by meeting and exceeding agreed service level agreements with enthusiasm, passion and innovation.

Vision Statement.

Continuously raising internal standards, improving client services, building a better business.


There are constant opportunities for staff to enjoy career progression, which is measured by the level of client satisfaction in the fulfilment of the service we promise to deliver.

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